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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any costs associated with using InstallForge?

No! InstallForge is free to use.

Do setup packages created with InstallForge depend on any runtime environment (such as .NET)?

No, not at all! Setup packages created with InstallForge have only minimal dependencies on the Win 32 API and are compatible even with old Windows versions.

Are setup packages compiled native machine code?

Yes! The program code of InstallForge setup package executables is pure C code compiled with gcc.

Can I deploy any application with setup packages built using InstallForge, regardless of the technology used?

Yes, indeed. You can deploy any application, regardless of the programming language and technology used for its development, with setup packages built via InstallForge.

What is the preferred support channel for InstallForge?

The first place you should go is our online forums. There are other InstallForge users around who will be happy to help you with your questions and problems.

Are setup packages using the serial verification feature of InstallForge safe?

The answer to this question depends on how we define "safe." If we define " safe" to mean that the end-user can only install your application by entering a valid serial string, the answer is "no". This is because a skilled technical specialist will be able to manually extract the application packaged with your setup. However, this statement also applies to all competing setup creator products. It is technically not possible to guarantee absolute safety here. Nevertheless, the serial check function in InstallForge is not pointless because of that. You just have to make sure that your application is activated based on the entered serial string after the installation (e.g. via an online service).